hello people out there! I am Jesal Shah from India and I am 23. I am done with my studies and currently working as a entrepreneur of my new designer studio of Indian outfits!

I am not great writer nor a debater, i just wanted to share my views about life, society we belong, and how i feel it should be like.

Its not a personal war or I am writing here to change the society. I am here so i can share the common platform with the great minds of the world and try to gain insights of different philosophy. My blog is not focused only at society or mind or heart!! Its a mixture of them where you connect yourself to many like minded people. I am philanthropic who keeps on thinking that how I can solve someone’s problem. I am not saying that I am great at solving problems but always gets shocked by the root of the problem.

I am here to broaden my vision and it would be my first step to change the society. After all I am one of them…. My experiences, my journey with different kind of people till date has taught me so many things which i think i can express to the world.

Yes it is all about what todays youth has to say about multifaceted of old religiosity which is followed by our great  society!


Its a rhapsody step  to change the society’s vision.



Ache din aane wale hai!!


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