Talking Doors

There are ample no.of doors on this earth. Every door has its own story behind it. You dont know what’s behind that door and when you open it, you see it, you feel it!

It may be full of surprises or some shocking things!unnamed

It might bring lots of happiness or sadness. But every door has something or the other to teach you.

You will come across so many doors, it’s you who chooses which door you want to open. Of Course, you don’t know what’s behind it so it may come to you as a gift or a lesson. Now the door is well known to you, what’s inside it, you need to decide, which way to go? You might just want to stay in that room for rest of ur life and want to experience every single bit of it or you just want to close that door and want to explore the new one.

But remember not every door brings you the same thing you want. If it comes to you as a gift value it. But if it comes to you as a lesson, learn it, and close the door before its gets too late.

Opening and closing the door depends upon you. Choose wisely, experience new doors but don’t forget any of them. Because everyone has given a bit of it.

Lastly, take wise decision for yourself and spend your life in one room experiencing every single story behind that door which makes you feel complete!

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