Everyone has their own version of story. But do you know there are stories behind every story. An average person must be having 100 stories a day. Every person they meet, makes a different a story each and every time. They have small essence of love, friendship, caring, trust, anger, jealous, hatred, fun, laughter, evilness etc. But they are part of us. The moment you think this story ends here u will see something coming from far.

And moreover in every story, role of a person also changes according to situation. He might be the most important caring, loving person at first but may be at other story that person could be careless, unloving..

You cannot compare any story. You can put on Facebook some stories which you can share. But there are stories which are not expressive, which takes balls to share and you don’t. It’s never like we have shared one story with someone, so that is important to us, it means we can express it, but when we don’t, it means there are fucking endless stories which I don’t want or I am not able to express.

Every story has its own place. Yes they play really important part in each stage of life. It might be childhood, teenage stories, friends zone, marriage hood, parenthood etc..

Our stories are just like those clouds where you think you have every story in front of your eyes but no there are stories which is out of your vision but they exist.unnamed They are just endless.. Endless just like clouds.. Endless like sky.. Endless blue sky!

3 thoughts on “Story

  1. Oh I love this post. Our lives are just as immense as that sky and endlessly spread clouds across it. I really liked your perspective of the post 😊😇


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