Someday you want to sleep early because you know that “someday is” the day you used to value it more then any other day. You try to sleep hard so that you don’t have to face the day, but the moment you close your eyes, all your brain starts working.

It starts playing around with you. Your brain starts playing the mind games. It takes you to the flash back ofcourse which you don’t want to see but deep down you still remember it the whole! You can again feel where you were what was happening around you. But this time u can actually see how u being fooled by someone with your third eye.

Yes you can see the whole picture from different perspective which you never thoughtof  when you were living that moment. 

Your brain don’t allow you to open your forces you to see the whole repeat telecast and leave you in that big ocean of sadness. 

You know it’s testing you, but it will take you to the depth of the ocean so that you can die again in that pool. It’s checking your heart status today because one day you went against his functioning and acted what your heart said to you!

Your brain is trying to drown you deep down in the ocean, and you trying to recall every moments of your life. you are trying to see the pictures inside the water which is crystal clear just like your heart. 

But this time your heart knows, you can’t go back to it. But your brain will try to drown you in the same ocean where you killed your originality. 

And you are drowning and drowning and drowning and your brain is actually taking place over your heart and single a tear comes out of your eyes. 

And the moment you feel that you are almost drowned and there is no back this time. Your heart backfires this time,saying again, “you were wrong that time and you are wrong this time also.”

In past I was in love that’s why I did not listened to you, and today when you are trying to pull me back, I am not in love anymore. 

And finally you open your eyes and calling that “it was just a nightmare!”


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