I have forgotten the feeling being loved by you
I don’t remember how I used to feel when u used to hug me
Yeah I miss u everyday,
But ever since we have broke up,
I have forgotten my feelings with you.
Feeling of hug, happiness, kiss, or being it anything..
You will never ever know how it feels when u forget about how u used to feel with someone special.
Yeah you were very special,
I gave you that place in my heart.
I rly dunno how to share anything I feel now
Because of broken heart.
See what you have done to poor heart,
It has stopped feeling the heartbeat,
It has stopped feeling altogether.
it means u have killed those feelings. And killing of feelings mean killing of person.
Feeling is the only way to be alive,
And now it’s no more!


One thought on “Feelings….

  1. Life is a book with many chapters. One bad chapter doesn’t mean its an end of the book. There are whole lot of new chapters open it and read them. 🙂


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