Finally found an answer!

Why you left me? Tell me why?


I am constantly fighting to get you back, tears are rolling out of my eyes. But I cant see you, this is blowing up my mind. I want you!

You can’t leave me, you only said I am oxygen of your life and you can’t stay without me. Than why you doing this to me?

Please believe me I love your family, i don’t disrespect them. I just get annoyed, when they don’t see my love, caring and the way I feel about you.

I know they want their happiness, but they don’t want me? Are you not happy with me? Tell me, we will make it work together, but just don’t leave me like this.

Give our relation one chance, I will do my best but for my best I need your love your confidence for our relation without that how will I do anything?

I know i fight a lot just because you don’t give attention to me. Yes i get jealous when you smile with others, because I never got a chance to smile with you!

Please don’t say that I can’t stay happy with you, just because your family thinks so. After spending six long years you saying that you can’t buy me a happiness?

You saying you can’t make my happy, were you sleeping for so many years? Answer me.  Just because your family doesn’t want you to stay with me.

I know they love you and but I also love you!

Pick up my phone, talk to me please my ears are dying to listen your voice. My eyes are starring at phone, waiting for your name to flash!

I know you love me a lot than why?

And today after six months, I got an answer to my question, it is simple but i was not able to figure it out or may be did not wanted to see it.

But I have to accept one thing that you love me and i have accept one more fact that


Thats why you left me!

Its simple but yet very hard to believe!


One thought on “Finally found an answer!

  1. Interesting… I never thought that would be the answer. Nice

    you might want to add your blog URL to your Gravatar profile so people can get here when they click your image. (I had to ask google).

    & Thanks for visiting my blog


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