My head kept on fighting with me, do not trust him again I might end up with broken pieces of me. I tried to convince, but my heart was acting against me every time.

I wanted to end this pain but by solving all the problems and not by going away from you. I wanted you to understand me the way you understand your family

I gave all my love, my feelings, my all bit of emoji’s

Despite of knowing, if I gave you all me today, and tomorrow if you leave for any reason, I would not be able to resist the pain.

You knew all my feelings very well, but you did not stopped yourself, you just did what you wanted to and now you just left me because your parents want it or may be you just want it?

Its 4 in the afternoon, I am sitting in the same room spending my 18hrs of day thinking about now what’s next? I have spent my days with you in this room, all my day and night. You were the part and parcel of it!

I texted you about how I am feeling alone here,

In respond to my text, you telling why you sending these kind of things to me,

I am not able to work now, I am just thinking about all your all in the text.

Its hurting me now!!!

For once, can you just put yourself in my place now. Now tell me how should i feel?

You can’t, trust me you can’t even imagine the suffering.

If I would have listened to my mind and acted accordingly today I might not be going through the pain. And today you asking me how much more will you take to get out of this?

Today I am broken, shattered and disheartened!

All thanks to you because you don’t care anymore!

You don’t love me anymore!

You proved my mind right!



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