Mummy’s Girl

It was yet another bright sunny day but to me it was drowsy!

I got up around 9:30 am, brushed my teethes, got freshen up. I was feeling very lazy because my body was aching due to my regular dance classes. My tummy was asking me to fuel up soon or you will die starving. I went downstairs and straight to the kitchen, where, I saw my mother was preparing “upma”, an Indian breakfast. I know little bit of cooking, so after seeing all the preparation in the kitchen I knew it will take another 30mins for breakfast to be ready. As quick as a flash, without wishing her good morning, I directly jumped to the question and asked mom why can’t you make breakfast little early? Immediately after draining out my anger on my loving mother, I started looking up for instant snacks in the shelf.

I was damn annoyed by the pain and my tummy was eating up my mind! I poured tea in a mug and took couple of white flour biscuits in a small plate with little more snacks and sat on the chair. I started gulping the food in a way, like, I had been starving for years and found this island full of food! I just eat all of them which was there on the plate. My mom than came out of the kitchen told me to have “upma”, the dish which she was preparing for the breakfast. 

I replied angrily, I don’t want to have it and marched silently to my room. I was highly mad at her, because she was not giving my attention to me since so many days, which had blowed a fuse of my anger. 

I had didactic in my mind, today i will get her attention back. I started shouting at my maid and asked her to help me to clear the mess from my lobby. I wanted to go for shower, but did not, just to make my mommy annoy. 

All speaking to myself: I was thinking to do all the remaining work first, so I can relax after completing all duties which I am supposed to. I started folding my clothes, arranging one by one in the wardrobe. I cleaned my study table and my office table which was fully covered by sample of designers work. I took all samples in my hand, chosed random design and decided to get it done without asking her. Generally, we both sit together, brain storm our mind for the designs and come out with the best one. I quickly tried to calculate the estimate for the next design to get ready and what all raw material I might require. 

After finishing the pile of work, I opened my wardrobe, giving blank looks to my new dresses, thinking about another worrisome social event. I decided to put peach colour shirt with a maroon narrow fitted pants. I was feeling distraught but had no option to skip the event because I only gave my consent when my mom asked me about it. So I was bound to attend it.

Meanwhile, mother came into my room, told me that she is going out and taking car along with her. I lost control on my temper, but she did not acknowledge it. I said: COOL! 

Well here you might be thinking whats the point of getting angry? From past few days, I am feeling, in one fell swoop, she has stopped taking all her responsibilities towards me. Like I am a paying guest in her house! God this feeling filled me up with molten lava. She just left home without thinking who will help me to get dress up, who will serve me my lunch, and moreover how I will go to the event without a car?

All crap at one side, acting like mad as a hatter, i drained out my anger on my meal, yes I skipped my afternoon meal and left for the event with one of my friend. While I was on my way to the event, I called my mommy, from where I am suppose to collect my pass? She started yelling at me on phone, why dint you had your lunch? You haven’t had anything since morning? Are you out of your head? She finally showed “the concerned” part of her, which was missing since few days and for which I was dying for. I tried to relaxed her on phone, but she kept on saying repeatedly: first go and have food before the event starts. I finally said yes and told her don’t worry I am fine.

I was feeling bad because I did acted like a child just to drew her attention on me but once again she proved me wrong!!! MOM will be always MOM!

At dinner, she made me most tasty, delicious food ever!!! She served the food herself and finally I succeeded in my mission, I finally got her attention back. I just love mummy!!!


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