I meet this guy during the prep classes of my post graduation. He has square rabbit face with spotless glowing skin. I remember his stubble look and his perfect athletic physique with a cute smile on his face. He was 6 feet tall with broad chest to embrace girls towards him.


He was of high energy, spontaneous, smart but cute which is a rare combination, and for which any girl can fall for, self obsessed, hothead at times, and had a huge heart for beautiful girls out there in our campus. He had that remarkable personality, mesmerising smile but enigmatic attitude also. He was wearing blue denim with light carrot colour checkered shirt on our first day of college.

As it was our first day of college, we all introduced ourself to the whole class out there. People around me were little boring, they all were sounding like a jerk. Among 50 people in the classroom, only 10 of us were so excited about the new college, new people, new experiences etc and he was one of them.

In our first session he was sitting in the last bench and i was sitting in the first bench with one of my old friend. I had no option because he was the only person whom i knew. Our introductory session was about to end and we all were mentally prepared that whom we want as our friends.

I told my old friend lets go and sit in the last bench as i was feeling sleepy. He said okay, and got the chance to sit beside him, my first crush in the college. I remember the way he passed a smile and asked me if i want to sit beside him? I said yes, sure!!! In no time, we started talking to each other and just gave an informal introduction to each of ourself. We were on flow for another 10min and our boring second session started.

Soon after the lecture started, where everyone one was trying to focus on the lecturer, I was playing this game named Doodle Jump in my iPhone 4s. He was constantly peeping at my game and ask me if even i can play that game? I said, yes! He started playing that game on my phone and i had my cat eyes on him. I found him spunky.

Soon he finished playing game, and started a normal conversation, about his graduation days, how famous he was in his college? He told me about the modelling competition of his college in which he participated and how every girl there adored him. His impulse but intellectual conversation had already drifted me to cloud 9, fantasising what if he falls for me?

Later he started asking me about myself, at first i was little shy than I opened up slowly telling him  my part of the story. All of sudden he directly asked me if I am committed or not? My instant answer to his question was no! After that our session got over and we exchanged our numbers!!1

I saved his number named Doodle and guess what he also saved my name as DOODLE!

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