Hippy girl!!!

Hippie girl!!!

Its just leading your life like a hippy. yes hippy isn’t it cool? If you would be given a chance to gad around the whole world. You would be living in the state of gaiety and enjoy the whole gaily. Yes and you would be responsible for all your actions.

Imagine the trip where you would be gallivanting on the roads of your dream, that smile, the state of jollification. Taking sudden junk and again starting your new journey. You keep additive more journeys but at times you make yourself addled.The journey of your dreams constantly adjures to find your love for the other things which can connect you to your heart.

Photo on 10-09-14 at 1.18 pm 

Love for nature, your ad-lib speech about your thoughts makes you more puzzled about your journey. You start turning into the lost soul, where you become more like a dilettante person.

But going all alone to the journey will make you peaky and there you need someone whom you want to be there for you. There comes a time where you need someone to take your place and paddle up your journey ahead till the time you back. 

Here, you want to live like hippy but your heart need a companion and suddenly from nowhere a sound comes of demanding you of settling your life. But you as an individual is pushy about your own thoughts which makes you roué. You become roughneck to the person just because that person is grating you. 

The magnitude of your dreams suddenly becomes dull. The effect of mainlines has maim your thoughts. You getting how this started what you wanted to be, what you doing presently and at the end what you are left with. The addiction to your hippy journey turns grey and more darker…

But remember after every dark night there comes a sunny day!!!! A new day, new beginning, new journey, new friends, and most important new YOU!

So this time you share your hippy trip with us so that world can know how cool is being hippy at times!!

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