Nothing goes unpaid!!!

I really dont know what i am going to right today? Well its my first day ever i am writing for people out there. I am happy, hopeful & thankful to the god. My mind thinking about karma, its not at all premeditated.

Just felt like talking to myself about the recent incident…

Once again it is proved that what you give is what you get, whether its happiness to stranger, pain to your loved ones, boosting friends confidence, neglecting your duties etc….

All I want to say is that when you plant a tree, you get fruits from it, when you give pain to your love ones in return you will get pain only. Nothing goes unpaid whether its your hard work, your love, your hatred, your belief, your loyalty etc….


You take someone granted today because you believe that person will never fight back or leave you. You talk to them when you need them, but when they need you, you treat them like a dog or you just ignore them, or you might lie to them. And when you get caught red handed, you just act like all happened because of them. Reason being they don’t give you freedom, space quack quack quack… 

You just fill them with bellyful lies and that person keeps an eye of hippocratic oath on your all actions which keeps changing like a kaleidoscope. You continue being nasty every time. But the interesting part is you become navel gazing person unintentionally. Other person makes all its effort to make you understand. But your peculiarity of treating your stuff as always right pulls you down now.karma2 

Your bucket of karma is full. Now you need to pay-per-view of you mellow drama. Other person has stopped serving you and is out of your servitude completely. You are alone just like them whom you treated like a dog. 

and that is how nothings goes unpaid. 🙂 

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